Therapeutic Massage   |   45 mins   |   $70  Therapeutic Massage is a deep massage for the release of tight muscles, aches and pains. The treatment can be as deep or as gentle as you desire. You can choose to focus your treatment on particular areas of the body or receive a full body treatment. You will feel a sense of muscle relief and free movement with this treatment. (Aromatherapy Oil) 

Traditional Balinese Massage   |   45 mins   |   $70  Traditional Balinese Massage is an extremely relaxing treatment. The pressure is light to medium, as you desire.  It is derived from a combination of Indian Hindu Ayruvedic healing techniques with oils & herbs and Chinese Buddhism acupressure techniques. Traditional Balinese Campur-Campur Massage also includes Swedish influences, to create an overall stress relieving experience. Be warned - it is possible that you may fall asleep during this treatment. (Aromatherapy Oil) 

Reiki   |   30 mins   |   $50  Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of hands on healing.  It uses universal energy to stimulate the body’s own healing process. Famously, Reiki is known to relieve stress and pain and assist the body to bring itself to back into its own natural state of equilibrium. Reiki is not harmful nor is it a religion. Reiki treats the whole body - the physical, emotional, mind and spirit. Many beneficial effects include feelings of peace, security and well being. (Over clothing) 

Body Balance   |   30 mins   |   $50  Body Balance is a gentle non invasive technique used to bring the body back into its natural balance. This treatment is feather touch, stimulating nerve receptors just under your skin.  It is extremely effective in correcting your body’s alignment. You will experience deep relaxation during this treatment. Many benefits include back and neck pain relief, you may feel lighter, a sense of feeling taller and free movement within your body. (Over clothing) 

Mind, Body & Soul Healing   |   40 mins   |   $60  Take some time out to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with this healing combination. Enjoy a combination of Reiki & Body Balance treatments, whilst listening to a guided meditative hypnosis. Let your mind drift away and benefit from subliminal messages to help improve personal goals in your life. Choose from a selection of guided mediative hypnosis: Weight Loss, End Sabotage, Positivity, Improve Finances. (Over clothing)

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