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We (John & Joanne) both thoroughly enjoy this work and really do care for each and every client we work with. We gain much satisfaction in helping to relieve our client's pain and discomfort. We have amazing clients, so thank you to the many loyal and regular clients, some of whom have been seeing John for 10, 15 and up to 25 years! And to those who have become regular clients of Joanne thank you also. We are extremely happy with the results we continue to achieve each day. Below feel free to read some recent client testimonials. And a big thank you to our clients who are willing to share their stories with others. 


I have suffered from headaches most of my life. I have had numerous types of treatments which gave short term relief for a few days but then it was back to taking paracetamol or stronger.  My first session with Joanne was for another treatment but when i mentioned my constant headaches we decided to scrap that and work on finding the cause. My neck and shoulders are the main triggers and she worked on them almost the entire session.  That night i was headache free, and the next day, and the next..... I have not had a headache (apart from some personal stress recently) since Joanne started treating me.I no longer wake with a headache, go to sleep with one and i function so much better.            I really cannot thank Joanne enough. She has been able to ‘fix’ my headache problem and i am so thankful i found her.
She genuinely cares about you and every treatment is tailor made to what you need on the day.                             
Thanks Joanne. Ina Busse

Since 2006, I have used the services of John Vomiero, remedial massage therapist to alleviate muscular aches and pains and other injuries. John has developed a wide range of massage techniques and uses a variety of devices and instruments e.g. cupping to release muscle tightness. Since Joanne Vomiero has joined the practice it has been very pleasing to observe that not only does she give great massages but she has also gained the diagnostic skill necessary to treat problem areas. Working alongside John, Joanne has absorbed the knowledge he has gained from his many years giving massage treatments and attending numerous workshops. Joanne has been mentored in using this unique repertoire of treatments and she has demonstrated that she is extremely capable of diagnosing and implementing a wide variety of techniques to facilitate the easing of clients injuries. Mrs D.Carroll

I have been having treatment from John for a few years now and there is not much more that I can say that he has "magic" in his hands. He has kept my body going over those years and always seems to be able to locate any problem areas I have. I now look forward to my once a month Remedial Massages even though I have retired from my work. Joanne's massages are very relaxing. She seems to manage to release all the tension in your body. Very firm hands that seem to be able to find any problem spots. I was getting bad cramps in my right calf and after telling Joanne she managed to release the tension and I have had no more problems. Joanne's manner is very friendly and it makes for a very enjoyable massage. Mrs D.Downing

Joanne has the ability to detect and help remedy muscular tightness and trigger points. Highly professional demeanour. Specicific Injuries: Lumbar spine (spondylosis, disc degeneration and nerve compression), neck, gluteal muscles, quadriceps and knees. Recent bilateral knee joint replacements and realignment. I would have no hesitation in referring her to others. DR J Hayton.

Joanne's treatments on my neck and shoulder have been of great benefit. Also her massages on my back and legs have freed up the tight muscles making my whole body much more released. I have had significant left shoulder and neck pain. Joanne's fortnightly massage treatments have released my problems to the extent that I have much better mobility in my neck and shoulders and arm pain free most of the time and have been able to stop taking anti-inflammatory medicine. Joanne is very professional in her manner, hygiene and treatments. I am more than happy to recommend her as a therapeutic and remedial maseur. Mrs J. Hayton

Text from Mr F.Carroll

Text from Mr F.Carroll

Over the last year I have had monthly consultations with Joanne for treatment of leg and back ailments. I have found the techniques she has used very beneficial which have enabled me to continue with active physical activity. I am aged over seventy and am still able to play golf and attend a gymnasium session twice a week for both activities, without regular remedial assistance I doubt I could maintain this schedule. In particular Joanne has treated an ankle injury with a long history and for the first time in a number of years is now pain free. Joanne appears to me to be very enthusiastic about her practice and possesses a friendly people oriented disposition. Mr F. Carroll




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