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Property 3 - Oahu Beach bungalow 

  • Ocean Front, surf beach
  • Authentically fun, relaxed  & easy. A choice of beachfront and garden villas, self contained. 
  • Combine this with Wellness & Cultural Tours & local Spas

This property is situated not Oahu's beautiful North Shore, offering beautiful ocean views and romantic sunset. Set on acre and a half of palm-fringed beachfront land, this could be what you have been dreaming about! This relaxed Hawaiian Paradise, is waiting for you.




Less than an hour from Waikiki, this property is situate on Oahu's beautiful North Shore offering romantic sunsets.  Located right in the middle of the famous North Shore's seven mile miracle. 

During the summer you and the whole family can enjoy snorkeling, diving, swimming, sailing and sun bathing right outside your door.

During the winter Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline are home to the largest surfable winter waves. Sunset Beach, only a few minutes way, is known as surfing's Mecca.  The surf and scenery are amazing any time of the year.



Waterfall Jungle Hikes with integrated meditation and yoga.

This is not an experience catered to sell to every tourist, it is designed specifically for real nature lovers, to come back and feel one with the earth, wild fruits, flora, fauna and jagged lush mountains.  This tour was created to take people to the best most stunning natural places, most beloved by locals, where no tourist would likely find on their own, and no tour buses have access to or would want to as they cater to selling to the largest group possible.


The Most Beautiful Waterfall Places only local explorers know of.

Because our focus is mindfulness and real nature, we take you beyond the paved gardens and developed over crowded waterfalls (like manoa, waimea, daimond head) that all other group tours go to; we bring you instead into dirt paths...which may be muddy, mystical seclusion within nature, and pristine waters not roped off, which you can actually touch and be within.

Private Tours can be arranged

Surfing Info

This property is located between Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach on the amazing North Shore of Oahu. Both prime spots are less than a 15 minute walk so you can have your pick of the best surfing Oahu has to offer.



Relaxed authentic Hawaiian styled Beach Bungalows.

A vast selection of ocean front and garden setting bungalows are available.

Location, location, location!


Each Bungalow is self contained offering private amenities as well as kitchen, lounge and dining areas.


meal options


Self catering.

Providing you freedom and flexibility to dine anywhere at anytime.

Dine out or stay in and chill out. The choice is yours.


Wellness SPA




Beachside Massage Therapy is available onsite. 

There are also many options in Sunset Beach itself. Sourced locally.