COSMETOLOGY is the science of the art of body beauty. As a science it originated in ancient times. Archaeological findings show that even ancient peoples were familiar with recipes for preserving the body from ageing and for enhancing natural beauty. 

Nowadays we are awakening to the true nature of beauty. Sustainable health, wellness and beauty rely as much on our internal climate, as it does on external factors. When there is disharmony in these factors and when homeostasis is not maintained, then the effects of these internally manifesting problems, begin to affect the external appearance.



We all want healthy glowing skin with no wrinkles, spots or rashes. A fundamental truth about beauty is that beauty begins on the inside - there is a connection between your inner health and outer beauty, between inner vitality and outer radiance.

ENAR technology is a holistic form of Energy Medicine therapy that is about finding and treating blocks and imbalances in the neuro-energenic pathways that permeate our bodies. When these interferences are reduced or eliminated the natural and wonderful powers of our bodies can perform at their best. The result is Integral Health and Beauty.

ENAR is a stand-alone therapy that will also readily complement other forms of natural therapies. ENAR therapy will definitely help to achieve that integral harmony that is most beneficial to both localised and systemic well-being: the true basis for sustainable health and beauty.


ENAR can be used to treat the following

  • Face Toning & Lifting
  • Shape improvements on the Stomach, Thighs & Breasts
  • Lifting for Cellulite
  • Scars, New & Old
  • Varicose Veins
  • Eczema
  • Emotional Healing



Lymphedema or odema is the buildup of fluid called lymph in the tissues under your skin when something blocks its normal flow. This causes swelling, most commonly in an arm or leg. 

Lymph normally does an important job for your body. It carries foreign material and bacteria away from your skin and body tissues, and it circulates infection-fighting cells that are part of your immune system.  

Lymphedema  or odema occurs when there is inadequate lymph drainage from the body, usually from a blockage in a lymph channel. Lymphatic fluid builds up underneath the skin and causes swelling. Most commonly lymphedema affects the arms or legs.

Using ENAR we can perform a treatment to try to unblock the lymph channel and regulate normal flow.

ENAR recommends one treatment per week for 6 weeks. 


45 mins $70. 

All appointments include a short consult, for 5-10 mins pre/post your treatment.

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