“We're going to the chapeL … AND WE’RE…..”

Press play ABOVE, to see our WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT! Ps: Much of this video is shot at Fitzroy Island the location of our Wedding! Feel free to watch it again to get you in the mood!!


To our dearest friends & family,

You are invited to celebrate the marriage of 

Mr Paul Jonathan Harrison  

Ms Joanne Kate Vomiero

(Can you believe it!)

We understand that it is a big ask for you to take time off work, pack your bags and get on a plane for our celebration. However in saying that - we also feel that everyone invited to our wedding is pretty much a "travel-a-holic", so maybe it is actually a good excuse for your next holiday!! Regardless we appreciate the cost involved and therefore we would like to mention that "your presence" will be our present and therefore no other presents are necessary.

We would love for you to be a part of this special event in our lives. It seems everyone is very excited with this news. John is jumping! Lora can’t stop smiling! Amy is swearing! All the girls are crying! The Harrison’s are already packing, while their heads are spinning! The Legovini’s are cheers-ing! And the princess of Buckingham Palace (Ash) is whining, whilst facebook won’t stop dinging!

We have been overwhelmed at the response from everyone, so thank you so much, as this makes it so special for us. And this event, is as much about creating an experience for everyone else to enjoy, as it is about ourselves.

Please find below all the details you need to know about our Wedding plans, some info about the island and how to book your trip. We will share additional information as the time gets closer. But for now we want to give you the links to book so for those who are keen to lock everything in now, they can do so.  All you really need to do in fact, is book your flights and accommodation and we will notify the resort of your ferry transfers upon your reservation being made. And then just sit back and count down the days until the party begins!!

We hope you can make it and understand of course, if you can't. 

Love Paul & Jo



Date: Saturday 7th September 2019

Time: 3pm

Destination: Fitzroy Island, QLD, Australia

Screenshot 2019-02-08 08.38.57.png


Fly into Cairns. From Adelaide, Jetstar have direct flights, daily.

  • Depart Adelaide: 7:45am 

  • Arrive Cairns: 11:15am

Take a taxi from Cairns airport to Cairns Ferry. This is approximately 20 mins. There is a Ferry departing 1:30pm. As long as Jetstar doesn’t have a long delay, usually this connection works. The 1:30pm ferry is the last ferry over to Fitzroy so you will want to make sure to make this connection. (Travel Insurance is recommended and we will send you a link for that too - coming).


The ferry departs the Island at 9:30am and arrives in Cairns around 10:15am. 20 Mins taxi to the airport will get you in time for the direct flight to Adelaide.

Jetstar Cairns to Adelaide

  • Depart Cairns: 11:45am

  • Arrives Adelaide: 2:30pm

The flights at the moment are sitting $219 each way from Adelaide, but I saw them on sale last week for $119 each way so I don’t know whether it is better to book now or to try to hang out to see if another special is released. Tough call really and we’ll have to leave that decision up to you individually.

Jetstar Special deals: Every Friday, Jetstar have a Friday Frenzy with special deals on sale from 12 noon - 8pm and sometimes they are on sale until the Monday nights.

You can of course fly any other airline, it is just that Jetstar is the only airline offering direct flights from Adelaide.


Cairns to Fitzroy Island daily at 8:00am / 11:00am / 1:30pm 
Fitzroy Island to Cairns daily at 9:30am / 12:15pm / 5:00pm 

Ferry departs from Berth #20 on Marlin Wharf. Please ensure you are at the Fast Cat 15 minutes before departure time. 

Discounted Return Adult Transfers: $64.00 per person 
Discounted Return Children Transfers: $32.00 per person 
Ferry Transfer charges will be added to your room charge and you can pay this to the resort upon checkout. Once we see your booking come through, tell us what fights you are on and what ferry you want to book on and we will advise the resort on your behalf. (In fact there is a form at the bottom of this page, you could fill in your details there with your flight details and the ferry times you want to book - easy peasy!)

“Well hello…. Thank god you’re here!”

“Well hello…. Thank god you’re here!”

Ok so you take the ferry from Cairns Ferry Terminal to Fitzroy Island. The ferry ride is approximately 45 mins and Paul and I will be waiting to greet you at the end of the jetty!


There are several choices for accommodation and we have prepared all the details for you:


We are holding a room allotment for our wedding so here is the link to book your room.

As you scroll down the page you will see all the accommodation options. IMPORTANT - There are a number of different prices for each room category. Lower prices for “non-refundable and non-changeable” bookings. There are also options for “fully refundable” or “free cancellation until ……”. So just make sure you book what is best for you.

These prices are dollar for dollar on Expedia’s so the rates will be the best available! The prices displayed are per night. Simply select your travel dates, and press book now. On the following page the total price for your entire stay will be displayed with a breakdown.

We would recommend giving us a buzz before you book though. We have been to Fitzroy before and we have an idea of what room types everyone will need and the best options to consider in the most cost effective options, especially with triple share and 2 bedroom apartments. For anyone wishing to stay more than 5 nights I am trying to negotiate a better rate so please speak to me first (that’s Jo).

Once you are happy with your room selection please continue to enter your credit cards details and personal details press "book" and say "yippee!!!" Then you had better text or call us to let us know the news! (lol)

Any questions at all please just give us a buzz!


Fitzroy, is a little hidden gem and it is so cute. We hope you get excited as you approached the island on the ferry, it is like finding a little paradise -  and it right in our own backyard!

Fitzroy Island is a Nature Reserve and an Eco Resort, meaning they practise sustainable activites in waste management etc and being that they are right on the great barrier reef this is very important. 

So the island has just one resort. It has an authentic, natural, rustic feel. It is quite casual, yet it is still really elegant. Within the resort they have a campsite and 4 star property. The 4 star property has all the features of a 4 star resort including a swimming pool with swim-up cocktail bar, restaurant, massages and kids play area.


Well, apart from what we have mentioned above, it has to be the water and snorkelling, in the sparkling clear blue water. And we are so sorry, to our fabulous "westcoast surfing family" there are no waves... therefore no surfboards required - Which is why this is a perfect spot for Mr "scaredy cat" Paul Harrison. Unlike the Aussie contingent of our Wedding party, our Groom did not grow up treading the treacherous waters of the Southern Ocean, amongst the sharks! So braving the calm, crystal clear waters of Fitzroy Island is quite an adventure for this English gentleman! However just like superman and once he has his snorkel and reef shoes on, Geezer actually turns into a little fish (piscean of course) and feels quite confident navigating the shores of Fitzy! We are sure you will love it too!

The accommodation is pretty much right on the beach and literally 20 - 30 meters off shore you are pretty much guaranteed to see and swim up close to the sea turtles that live around the area. It is absolutely amazing! They are so majestic and there are also many beautiful coloured fish and coral and you can even try playing a game of "finding Nemo!". And a special bonus and benefit about Fitzroy Island is that there are no Crocodiles on the Island therefore we not need to worry about them creeping up on us! (No joke!)

So once you arrive on Fitzroy Island there is no need for you to go anywhere. Everything is right there on the island for you. You can take a hike either up to the peak of the lookout with amazing views over the Whitsundays or take a walk through the rainforest to ‘Nudy Beach’, which was voted Australia’s number 1 beach! (“Best beach” is debatable of course but it is pretty specky!) You can actually snorkel from the main beach in front of the accommodation all the way around to Nudy Beach, it is a bit of a swim but if you watch our video at the end this is us about to depart and we in did in fact make it!

There is a dive shop, so if you are interested in diving there are options for you to do this. Or you may like to join in their morning snorkelling tour which is great to learn a little bit about the different coral you can see and where you are likely to bump into a turtle! You do not need to take a tour to the outer reef (unless you really want to) because it is all right there for you, steps from the shore. There is also Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and some floaty/jumping thing in the water that kids seem to enjoy! They also have a Turtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary where they look after sick Turtles which have unfortunately been harmed by us careless humans, and nurture them back to health so they can be rehabilitated and released into the ocean. You can visit the rehabilitation centre too.


A couple of things you may want to bring are some reef shoes (or old sneaker) and a snorkel. The beach is coral, thongs are ok but in the water reef shoes may be better. You are not aloud to stand on the reef but sometimes walking into the water is hard on your feet because of the coral shoreline. Snorkelling equipment can be hired on the Island, or you can pick up a set from Rebel sport/kmart and that is the same for reef shoes.


Breakfast is served daily in Zephyrs Restaurant from 7:00am to 10:30am. Current rates are as follows:  
Full Hot Breakfast:  Adult $28.50 per person  Child 3-13 $21.00 per person  Continental Breakfast:  Adult $21.00 per person  Child 3-13 $16.00 per person 

The room rates do not include breakfast so you can decide what you feel like doing each day. You can book and pay for breakfast at the Resort, it will be added to your room charge.

The restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner which offers a-la-carte and buffet dining. This is not open every night for dinner, usually alternate nights.

FOXY’s is a low key outdoor bar with a kind of traditional Queenslander pub atmosphere, with sports on the screens, pool tables, offering pub type meals and of course margarita's and cold beer - it is the place to be around 5pm, with views over the water as the sun starts to drop, the sky turns pink it is completely heaven! Later in the evening on weekends they have live bands.


There is a little shop on the island that sells some essentials and basic food so you can take it to your room, but to be honest it doesn’t have a huge selection. If you are staying for a little longer you may want to bring some food over to the Island, we just swung buy coles on the way from the airport to the ferry terminal. We brought yoghurt and fruit so we could have that for breakfast or an afternoon snack and ham/tuna, cheese, tomato lettuce etc and crackers so that we could have some lunches in our room. If you are staying only a few nights there are plenty of food options, but for longer stays, it is nice to have some lighter meal options and it helps keep the costs down!  


Please note that we will obey the RSA laws of Queensland and refuse service of alcohol on intoxicated people and minors. However, you are responsible for your own safety when outside the licensed venues.
No BYO Alcohol is allowed to be brought over to the island due to liquor licensing. Fitzroy Island will strictly enforce this law by randomly checking eskys and bags brought onto the island. 



Our wedding ceremony will be held in the garden at 3pm.

After the wedding ceremony we will take pictures in different locations around the island. We would love eveyone to join in, at least for some of them. So for this part we would recommend grabbing some flat shoes or thongs so that you can walk down onto the beach. After the photos feel free to drop in Foxy’s for a beverage or anywhere else you feel like “cheer-sing” before heading up to the reception area for our private party!

Wedding Attire: Although we are on an island, it is a “Wedding”, so “dress to impress” but adjust your outfit as you see fit. eg: add an option for flat and comfortable shoes! Guys that is for you too, casual suits or open collars is quite suitable. The weather is usually approximately 25 - 28 degrees that time of year (Pretty perfect!) with hopefully low humidity, although it is Queensland so it is always a little humid. Not so good for the Jo’s fuzzy hair! … “Houston… I think we have a problem!” Paul’s hair is likely to be uneffected!


IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN CARINS, PORT DOUGLAS, THE DAINTREE or anywhere else nearby before or after the wedding please feel free to check out accommodation through our site. We can infact book almost any property you may see. We would love to help you put this all together so please talk to Jo as we do have access to over 250,000 places to stay.



It might be an idea to write in your flight details as well so we have this information just in case.

And if you do want to ask the Resort anything or have a special request please feel add ask here.

Name *

Thanks to you all, we are so excited!