"One of the best things that have happened to me was meeting Jo. She has changed my life forever."

I had just completed a hydrotherapy session at the local gym for a back injury that occurred over a decade ago, when I noticed Jo handing out fliers for her massage business. I was expecting just relaxation massages until she asked if there was pain involved. I replied in the affirmative to which she replied that she offered therapy treatments as well. I was interested, as I was experiencing pain daily from a lower back injury and associated sciatica pain. At that time I was taking large doses of analgesics daily, from the very strong to the more subtle. I had tried several treatment types to assist with the pain, including    Physiotherapists, none of which had been successful and I had almost given up hope.

And she was then set free. Free from constant, chronic pain.

And she was then set free. Free from constant, chronic pain.

I have been visiting Jo for approx. 2 years now and for the first time in many years am able to enjoy life without constant pain. For the first 6 months or so with fortnightly treatments she was unable to physically treat the site of the Spinal Fusion (that had become unstable) and was forced to treat the surrounding area only. You cannot imagine the surprise and delight when she was able to treat the actual site without any pain. A combination of treatments with massage, ENAR Therapy, Bowen and cupping worked miracles. I gradually began to use less analgesia for pain management. Once my lower back had improved, I discovered other areas of my body e.g. shoulders and hips required attention. I also suffered debilitating headaches. Over a period of time, Jo has maintained these and other areas to minimise the pain. I still suffer pain in my back, usually brought on by extended periods of driving, standing, sharp movements or strenuous activity, however, a visit to Jo coupled with a treatment with my ENAR machine at home usually enables me to be pain free without analgesia.

At the suggestion of Jo, I purchased an ENAR Therapy machine and have been instructed in its use by her to allow me to control the pain between visits. My GP has also noticed the difference in the amount of analgesia she prescribes and has fully endorsed this treatment modality.

In a recent medical review my doctor wrote "I am very pleased with the reduction in Ms Page's pain with the introduction of the use of this device. Her oral analgesia requirement has reduced by just over 60% exemplified by 1 packet of Panadeine Forte tables now covering her for 3 monte, whereas was previously using an average of one packet per month." I now hardly ever takes pain medication.

I fully intend to continue regular sessions to ensure I can maintain a relatively pain free existence.

I cannot thank Jo enough for the miracle she achieves with her hands and machines. She also exhibits such a thoughtful and caring attitude towards me. I would highly recommend her to anyone with an injury, or just for a little relaxation."

Lyn Page, South Australia 2016

And this is why I love what I do...

Lyn is a very special lady, it has also been an honour for me to work with her. Thank you Lyn.

Joanne Vomiero

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