In This Life - Whatever's Good For The Soul... Do That! It's about taking some time out to look after you, do what's right for you and nurture your body and soul...it's crying out for your attention for God's sake! It's about being connected to your physical body and in tune with what it needs. It's about living in the moment, being authentic to you and living your life now.... In This Life.

In This Life offers ways in which to nurture yourself, your mind, your body & your soul, through:

  • Therapeutic Treatments - Offering Remedial Muscular Treatments, Integral Beauty and Mind Body & Soul Treatments. 
  • Wellness Products - Featuring the latest technology in Therapeutic Treatments, for personal use, in your own home, at your own leisure, and other products that are "good for the soul"
  • Wellness Travel - offering travel to some of the hippist places in the world, for an adventure of the soul. Australia's first "Wellness Travel Wholesaler". (Coming soon). 


In this world full of social media, facebook, online checkins, selfies and people telling the world what they are doing every five minutes, I questioned are we really living "In This Life?" Or are we, as a society so attached to updating our actions online, that we are forgetting to be present to ourselves and those we are in the presence of? Are the corporate pressures of KPI's and sales targets disengaging us from our own goals? And are we forgetting to listen to what our body needs, live in the moment, feed our soul and nurture the essence of who we really are? I figured many other people would possibly feel the same and so I set about trying to find ways to counteract this.

Since 2014 I have actively been researching and practicing what I speak "In This Life, whatever's good for the soul...do that." Which to be honest gives you a license for anything that works for you!! For me, it began with intense yoga, attending Raw Food cooking classes, reading, researching and listening to world experts on health and wellness, expanding the mind through other teachings, as well as learning from some of the leaders in Muscular, Holistic and Natural Therapies. I have researched products that compliment the body in a natural way and assist our well-being, some of which will be available through In This Life.  

I am quite fascinated with the human body, (with the skin on) and the way it functions, moves, heals itself and works. I began studying different aspect of the human body and natural healing, formally studying Therapeutic Massage at the South Australian Health Education Centre, Personal Training at the Australian Institute of Fitness, ENAR Therapy with Enlightened Therapies, Traditional Balinese Massage at the Bali International Spa Association and Reiki I & II. I also spent 8 months working side-by-side with John Vomiero in his clinic and I now practice his techniques on clients everyday. I love helping people, I love the holistic approach we take to each client's personalised treatment and gain huge satisfaction from this work. 

So, the Yin to my Yang, is that many years ago I was infected with the "Travel Bug!". My professional background has been exciting and an amazing journey which has taken me to places and in directions I could not have planned if I'd tried. Beginning as a  Travel Consultant and then Travel Agency Manager, over 15 years I weaved my way through the Travel Industry adapting my roles and accepting new opportunities as they arose. I Developed and Escorted Group Tours, I worked in Advertising and Marketing, including writing some travel articles for different papers and magazines and was a Cruise Specialist and Special Project Manager for a leading agency. I moved to Canada working in Big White, (where I could snowboard to work literally!) and then onto Banff where I worked as a Hiking Guide, in the Rockies (breathtaking). After a stint out of the industry as a Business Development Manager, for a Global Finance Company (and because the "Travel Bug" had well and truly gotten into my system), I returned to the industry as a Tourism Trainer & Assessor, which I loved.

Travelling creates a sense of freedom, it’s exciting, its adventurous, its social, it’s liberating, educating and shall I just say it...it’s just good for the soul!
— Joanne Vomiero, In This Life

Most recently I have spent a lot of time researching a new trend in Travel and have become Australia's second "Wellness Travel Professional" accredited by "Wellness Tourism Worldwide" which will bring together, all my passions in life.

In This Life is Australia's first "Wellness Travel Wholesaler". So... watch this space, Wellness Travel is coming to In This Life soon.

I developed In This Life to offer ways to bring some authenticity back into our often superficial modern day world. In This Life will continue to evolve and develop and aims to be at the forefront of exciting new counteractions and real life experiences. 

And so now, I invite you to explore my site, my business and my passion. I welcome you to join in this journey and I do hope you find it "good for the soul".  Let me know.

Kind regards,

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